Pacific Way (HK) Ltd. OEM Services, custom-made products designed by our in-house designers for perfect look and functionality – your custom designs without paying a designer:

Next to manufacturing high quality leather goods and bags at very competitive prices the other competitive advantage to work with us lies in our professionalism to design custom-made products for our customers.

Almost all the products we produce are made-to-measure for our clients. Ability to provide customers with design proposals for leather goods (or Nylon-, PU-items), for example camera cases, is one reason why brand names choose us as their supplier, who delivers more.

I. Design/Sample Development

There are typically 3 ways to come up with the optimal product design and approval sample:

1. Complete new design development

In this case we need details of the product, for which, e.g. a leather case, is required for. For instance a camera manufacturer would send us a wooden model or prototype of his newest camera, we would develop and propose a case design taking measurements, function and accessories of this new camera into consideration. Samples developed from designs will be provided for evaluation and subsequent modifications.

2. Design development based on existing items

If a product enquired already exists, we can make modifications and will provide a sample for evaluation and modification. For enquiries on general leather goods customer could for instance select items from our standard leather accessories catalogue and we then would modify them as per customer request.

3. Sample Development based on existing items to provide competitive quotes

Of course we can also provide counter-samples and quote existing products, e.g. items that are already part of a customers range and on which she wants a more competitive offer, which we usually are able to achieve. Our counter-samples will be made within 1-3 weeks, depending on material availability, and will be shipped with a competitive quote.

II. Typical Time Frames For Product Development and Production

Development of design: 1-4 weeks
Development of first sample: 2-4 weeks
Presentation of final approval sample: 2-4 weeks
Mass production: 4-8 weeks (if material is available)

Crucial factors of product development are the required time for approval of samples, amount of changes to be made to sample and material availability. For special material to be ordered/imported for production usually 2-8 weeks procurement time have to be calculated, usually we will propose proven materials that we keep stock of.

III. Pacific Way (HK) Ltd. Policy For Design and Sample Development

1. For existing customers with regular orders we offer to develop designs, produce samples and sample shipments free of charge.

2. For new customers we will provide designs and sample development free of charge. Costs for samples and courier services will be charged at cost and refunded upon order confirmation.

3.Samples from our regular items such as from our fine leather goods catalogue or nature-friendly hemp bag collection we will charge as per our price list with an additional handling fee of USD 50.- per sample order, which will be refunded upon order confirmation.

For shipment of samples by courier we typically obtain customer’s import number with preferred courier service.

If you wish further information on our design and product development services or you would like to start a new project with us contact us today, we will work hard to make you wish you had known us earlier.