Environmental Policy Pacific Way (HK) Ltd.

Pacific Way (HK) management and staff strongly believe that protection of nature is a must for everyone in society in order to preserve and improve our natural environment to sustain life on earth for our and future generations and so that humanity can enjoy clean air & water and earth’s rich flora and fauna.

Being a company developing and providing larger quantities of products, services and logistics, we realized that our actions have an impact on the environment in various way and we therefore have a special responsibility to protect our natural environment.

Ensuring compliance with all laws and applicable environmental regulations, including that of our environmentally concerned customers, is clearly a must for us and we feel we have to do more. One of our projects starting in 2002 was the launch of the nature-friendly PURE hemp bag collection,a line of biodegradable bags made from nature-friendly hemp fabric.

In order to do more we also obtained ISO 14001 certification, an environmental standard that provides our company with an environmental management system and helps us to continously improve and reduce the environmental impact of our activities. Our factory partner in China is equally ISO 14001 standard certified.

With growing success and sales of our company since the year 1996 Pacific Way (HK) Ltd. is constantly evaluating and implementing ways to reduce its burden on the environment, eg. in reducing CO2 emissions, water usage and waste material. Also we are constantly trying to reduce usage of paper, batteries, printer catridges in by using the concept of paperless office.

In product design, such as for camera cases, we have for example worked on eliminating the use of commonly used PVC materials and are employing environmentally friendly materials such as hemp. In any case we guarantee that we will not use any prohibited or hazardous substances for our products. Based on our bills of materials of various product we order extensive testing with independent institutes such as SGS, TUV or Intertek to be in conformity with applicable directives and laws, e.g. REACH, RoHs, for leather materials the EU Directive 2002/61/EC or the German Chemical Ordinance, the most stringent directives worldwide.

Realizing that logistics of our product have a larger impact on the environment due to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from transport we are continuously trying, customer requirements permitting, to consolidate shipments and use sea instead of air transport. Also we hire top logistics provider with modern fleets of vehicles with less hazardous emissions. For packaging of our products we are following the environmentally conscious requirements from our customers or, when our choice, will use packing materials from recycled material, with reduced weight and less impact on environment when destroyed.

Realizing that we still have to learn and improve to be a greener company we pledge that we will continuously work on improving our environmental management system and further strive to reduce our burden on the environment. With the implementation of ISO 14001 with its plan-do-check-act system and the continuous input from our environmentally minded world class customers we are positive to become more professional protecting our natural environment and thus contribute to a greener future for all.