Green & Social Partner: General Policies Pacific Way HK Ltd.

It is Pacific Way (HK) Ltd.’s policy to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the countries it operates in and to conduct its business activities in an honest and ethical manner.

As a supply chain management company providing OEM production and logistics Pacific Way (HK) Ltd.’s wholehearted commitment is the full satisfaction of our brand name clients by supplying them with high quality, attractively designed and highly functional products delivered on time.

Pacific Way (HK) Ltd. constantly strives to be a trusted partner and achieves this by designing and providing products and services by viewing them from our clients perspective and commits to constantly work on improving quality, service and designs of the products we develop for our customers.

To earn our customer’s trust our priority is also to engage in timely and efficient communication as well as to provide highly reliable and competitive logistics services.

An essential part of our social responsibility is the well being of our staff and the workforce of our suppliers. We especially expect from our suppliers that all our products are manufactured in compliance with applicable laws, workers are treated with respect and dignity, work in safe factories and receive adequate salaries that allow them and their families to prosper and to improve their livelihoods.

We therefore require all our suppliers to sign up to Pacific Way (HK) Ltd.’s SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT to adhere to our basic policies regarding worker’s rights, safety, general ethics and safeguarding the environment.

For us at Pacific Way (HK) Ltd. environmental protection is essential. Being conscious that our products and services have an impact on the environment in various ways, we are a certified ISO 14001 company and have developed our own environmental preservation policy. One example for our constant drive to be at the forefront of environmental protection is the launch in 2002 of our nature-friendly HEMPBAG COLLECTION made from environmental friendly hemp fabric.

Please see Pacific Way (HK) Ltd. Environmental Policy for more details about our environmental endeavors.